Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-22

  • Is getting his XBOX all ready for thursday and is looking forward to his free games.. har har :P #
  • oooohh!! brain freeze!! X| #
  • @trixie360 yes.. yes you can #
  • @ronxo Bob Mould rocks hard indeed.. #
  • @ronxo Those are for show.. trust me.. his real amp is probably a 45 year old fender with a mic in front of it back stage… shhh.. secret #
  • @Marri is this minor the source of the scheduling conflict? Could you drop it and retake it another semester? #
  • @Marri I got ya.. yeah. I remember those days not so very fondly. lol #
  • @superfoo woooooooooohooO!!! Rock n Roll!!! :D Btw I’m not being sarcastic.. I dig the accordian :D #
  • profile page redesign.. the new live designer tools are neato. #
  • Watching Robot Chicken. The Shield/Fantastic Four crossover bit was sheer brilliance!! #
  • @jamesbuckingham No.. they just seem to carry on with series 3… episode 18 was the last one. #
  • @Ihnatko <Shakes Fist!> #
  • @wilw are you robophobic Wil Wheaton? :D #

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