Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-19

  • Rocking the Ibex beta… except for a broken ati driver (of course) everything is running just fine.. #
  • oH! new twitter design is nice! I thought something was up.. it kept fomatting strangely. #
  • anyone knows if the rumoured macbook revision has gone out yet? #
  • @mikewilcox nice new pic #
  • This night be goin’ slow. I canna wait t’ get homeport, Arr.. #
  • @mikewilcox Hell yes.. been trying to find a copy of that book for a long time now.. fail at every turn. #
  • @DannyTRS Oh! I envy you.. I loved that game sooo very much. Looking forward to Heavy Rain. #
  • @Marri Ass Commando? Really? Lol.. that’s awesome.. #
  • Weird combo of pissed off and sad. Friend turned out to not be afterall. Shit always go sideways for me. Never fails. #
  • I’m just going to try and sleep it off. Rough day! Holy shit! Haven’t had a day like that in, actually, this day last year. WTF? #
  • I hate our provincial government.. completely fucking useless.. #

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