Don't die easy

I walked into work to pick up my pay check before my shift today. I found a letter attached. It was a rambling nonsensical letter from my manager attempting to discipline me and comment on my work performance. So, after a chat with my union rep I wrote a response. I decided to include that response here in it’s entirety just cause I like it so much.

I have once again fallen to the whims of someone playing at being a manager. A manager who can’t even spell the shop stewards name correctly or follow proper procedure and CC said misspelled shop steward. Their rambling, incoherent and ultimately pointless letter only furthers my belief that she is completely at a loss to perform skillfully. In this letter she cites general displeasure with my work but fails to cite any specific incident. She also encourages a course of action that another coworker was specifically disciplined for. Is this entrapment of some sort?

I do my job. I show up everyday. I do my job the same way I have since I started here. I also have done nothing no other coworker hasn’t done. They have even done worse things than be “rude.” (Can we be more vauge?) Yet I find myself targeted and singled out by a woman desperately trying to assert control in a position where she has none.



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