Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-09

  • Finally changed my youtube account to a musician account like iI should have done before.. #
  • Just got into a shoving match with a junkie. Needles to say. I won. #
  • @ragnarok1971 ummm.. I”m trying to loose some weight.. I’ll go with death. #
  • @drkiki COOL!!! Particle colliders are groovy. #
  • @CapnAnarchy thank you.. and yes.. yes it was. :D Good eye. #
  • @DanAmrich seriously? Really? Wow.. some people… (rolls eyes) #
  • @Marri lol… #
  • confused about my phone billing. Shock. I know. #
  • @BryanLAS I vote for Kinky Kangaroo after this one. #
  • @trixie360 lol.. it’s such a difficult life these players lead. Isn’t it? #
  • looking at archives. First tweet. Time flies: Working… listening to iPod 07:56 PM January 25, 2007 #
  • Well that was a fun trip down memory lane. Highlighted some faves here. http://twitter.com/jwalsh/favourites good for a chuckle or guffaw #
  • @CapnAnarchy yep. love it #
  • “Akismet has caught 1,730 spam for you since you first installed it.” Wow. That wasn’t that long ago either. #
  • looks like I’ll be rolling my own wordpress theme. Can’t really find anything that fits. #
  • @DanAmrich oh, I’d be willing to bet real money you were right.. people are strange. #
  • @CapnAnarchy that pic is awesome! #
  • Where are my pants? Someone has taken my pants!? #
  • Awake and a little groggy. Waiting for the grocery man and downloading iTunes 8 before work. #
  • must resist urge to buy nhl09…so strong.. will weakening….. #

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