Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-08

  • ? ? Don’t tell me which way I outta run and what good I could do anyone.. cause my heart. It was a gun. It’s unloaded now. so dont bother? ? #
  • Listening to talking heads and avoiding working…. fafafafa fa faafafa fa fa #
  • @trixie360 no.. but I do ask myself.. “how did I get here?” #
  • @majornelson i think he’d be ok with it if he won one. :D #
  • @DanAmrich http://tinyurl.com/54pwp6 Since you didn’t seem to know :D #
  • playing with firefix ubiquity… neato.. #
  • @DanAmrich you journalists and your “obsession” with “facts” and “confirmation” :) #
  • The ghosts have got me running… #
  • Beacon hill is spooky in the dark. #
  • @superfoo i know eh. I haven’t bought a new pair in almost 6 years because of that.. pricey! my last pair was over 300 and I cheaped out #
  • @sarahlane its a portable mic.. pre usb ;D #

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