Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-04

  • Geo wars is not so much a game as a zen experience. The times I’ve gotten my highest score was a type of out of mind experience.. #
  • @ryleyleckie did you mean 300K or 3 mil? lol… some game modes 300k is a lot :D My best score is just over 2.8 mil so far. Crazy game. #
  • @ryleyleckie this is geo wars 2. :D and I yes.. wow indeed. I have people on my friends like with like 11 mil… 34 mil.. just wow. #
  • @KnucklesDawson dont worry.. we’ll get our own pretty soon.. (rolls eyes) #
  • Was going to make an off colour joke about he republicans chanting of “drill baby drill” but they just make it too easy. #
  • @Marri awesome sauce.. btw.. saw the video of you and the boys run in the harbour poet today… hilarious! :D #
  • @CapnAnarchy /waves hand radio lab…you don’t want to make chad cry do you? #
  • mucking around in the “be a pro” mode on the nhl09 demo and really digging it. I always liked this feature on madden. #
  • At work with a pulled shoulder. Typing will be fun. Don’t ask how. It’s not flattering #

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