Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-09-03

  • @jeffcannata ready for tonight? I have my I <3 Strike team t-shirt on. ;D #
  • @dpants its called iComic. It’s a jailbreak app. #
  • @kevinrose WoW is supposed to run on OSX. I don’t know.. Don’t play it.. tell your “friend” to find another game :D #
  • @Marri lol.. that was awesome… hits VERY close to home tho… NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!! (WAAAA!!!) :P #
  • @ijustine tip: burn that card. Creepy! #
  • @theslyestfox balsamic? mmmmmmmm yummy, I guess. #
  • @techAU Hey.. Itunes here… and no… I’d rather not. Wait, are they apple headphones? {checking} nope. Decision stands. :D #
  • The Shield premiere was epic.. I’m still convinced our little west coast foot problem is mob related thanks to this show.. off for run! #
  • Graveyards and playgrounds are spooky at night #
  • @Marri Oh? That would be awesome. Fingers crossed over here… #

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