Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-29

  • @DaisyWhitney yes.. it very much is! :D #
  • @superfoo :( feel better.. I’ve been a little under the weather since last night too. Sucks. #
  • @ladymix … i think you’d be plenty safe.. still doesn’t hurt to take precautions tho. #
  • @ChrisLAS making me hungry! damn you! lol #
  • Watching Obama’s speach live on CNN.com when I should be working http://twitpic.com/9e1d #
  • @barackobama Hell of a speech. I’m considering moving to the states just so I can vote for you :D #
  • @jeffcannata yes.. paxing.. that is correct. #
  • I’m a sap and too nice for my own good sometimes… and as reward I must stay another four hours at work.. le sigh #
  • If a twelve hour shift wasn’t bad enough.. i’ve spent it with drunken uni students screaming in my ear… #
  • @jeremybaines just sent one.. #
  • @WilHarris Your Obama impression is spot on today Wil #
  • unleash the kittens of war!! http://tinyurl.com/6mjdvj #
  • Free!!!! #

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