Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-28

  • “now that death had been coopted by the mainstream. They wanted to rebel by staying alive…” – Chuck Pahlaniuk #
  • I really would like a way to remotely subscribe to podcasts… podcatcher on the iphone maybe? #
  • @techAU I know.. I’m not always at home when I hear of a podcast I may want to hear/see. So i have to remember or make a note.. #
  • @tikijohnny sweeet #
  • Finally finished Haunted.. man oh man that’s a good book. #
  • @superfoo holy shit! I didn’t.. (mind blown) #
  • @superfoo i saw the big ending coming but I still loved it. It closed with a short story that was epic. I tweeted a quote from it. #
  • @superfoo I’m going to pull out my chaucer when I get home and look into this more… that devious bugger :) #
  • @superfoo yes.. there’s a twist. :) #
  • @CapnAnarchy .. depends on how much romulan ale I’ve had #
  • Wow. Insanely huge headache won’t go away…keeping me awake. #
  • Back at work. 8 more hours till the weekend. #
  • I hate that people who keep me on the phone the longest are always the same people who claim to “be in a hurry” or “not have a lot of time” #

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