Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-26

  • @universesimon are the children also remotely explodable? Thats not clear.. but I think that may in fact be the killer app here. #
  • @universesimon i like the cut of your jib #
  • anyone else excited about “True Blood” http://tinyurl.com/5jxe88 #
  • jesus people.. if you can’t give me any information to go on… how am I supposed to help you with your problem? #
  • @Marri post orbit muscial theatre? #
  • @ryleyleckie oh god yes. I’ve tried and am so far got one to sign up ( @d3sperad0 )and he used to for all of a day or so :D #
  • @DanAmrich what software of choice do you use for mixing/recording? #
  • @ragnarok1971 Are you a duck? if not then the answer is yes :D #
  • yay.. my computer is stable again… the old war horse lives another day. #
  • @Marri is this some new designer drug? Is this what @superfoo was getting rehab lit about? Kids these days… #
  • @BryanLAS double dugg.. ok not really. But it sounded good. #
  • @theslyestfox they had iphones in the 40’s… the pappy’s were flying every which way.. don’t hate. ;D #

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