Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-25

  • Scouring google images for reference material.. bells bells bells #
  • @jeffcannata nice seats dude.. IR jealous. Enjoy the show! #
  • Just finished Walking Dead trade 7… oh shit. #
  • @majornelson I love delicious. Used it a long long time. #
  • for the love of christ.. who flies with hula hoops???? #
  • @dlprager hells yes. :D #
  • SIr.. your repeated insistence that these particular people are fair and honest leads me to believe quite the opposite. #
  • @awilkinson rofl… I wasn’t on.. which joke (i’m going to go through your feed now) that is an awesome reaction tho! :) #
  • @awilkinson never mind.. I found it.. LOL.. :D #
  • @awilkinson never eaten there. How’s their food? #
  • Good to know. And yes, everything beats dennys #
  • @Marri ok.. take dictation… “thank you purveyors of funds. Thank you for recognizing my greatness. World domination will surely follow.” #
  • @superfoo lol.. maybe it’s a sign.. Have anything you need to tell twitter? It’ll be alright..:D Seriously? Drug rehab junk mail? Wow. #
  • @theslyestfox mee too. Love their bbq chicken roll.. but I never get out that way. ocasionally I get a coworker to pick some up for me. #
  • @LifeZero yes #

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