Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-22

  • @DanAmrich the guitar case gave up its life for it’s guitar?.. that’s touching.. is it dusty in here? (sniff) #
  • @alanataylor WOW… that was awesome.. poor guy. #
  • Wants to be home kicking peoples ass the force on XBLM instead of working… pfft.. who needs money, right? #
  • @awilkinson yellow cab dispatch right now but pursuing an opportunity at the conservatory of music. Fingers crossed. #
  • @alpy so you’re the one we hit up for free cable? :D #
  • @alpy yeah but he was crazy and I don’t watch tv anyway :D #
  • dude just tried to order a cab.. claiming to be naked at thetis lake… I turned his prank call around on him but good. :D #
  • “so much would the fair be?” Regular rates or naked rates? “There’s a difference?” yeah.. naked rates are four times as much. #
  • @CapnAnarchy yep! And sorry if it was keeping you up. You could have just asked?! lol. #
  • @CapnAnarchy <shakes fist> I still have to wait at least 2 hrs before I can get home and play it… <grumble grumble> #
  • “Have a devil on hand.. it makes all the demons a little more bareable.” – Chuck Pahlaniuk – Haunted #
  • @adyblain azuma delivers? Didn’t know! Noted for future :) #
  • Let’s force choke some bitches!!!!! #
  • @Marri wow… Is it ever. Was expecting something more basic.. A little simpler.. #
  • @Marri yes. And a bunch if times I would just throw something and the results would be a pleasant surprise….:D #
  • Stupid episode of Eureka made me cry… BAH!! #
  • Preparing for space war #

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