the greatness of twitter..

whenever I mention twitter to someone the inevitible question arises: what is twitter? Twitter’s open ended approach has made it hard to quantify what it is exactly. Here’s an example of one of the cool things twitter allows. This just happened a few minutes ago… broadcasted to twitter in real time.. from user alanataylor

Heading to San Diego airport… Flying to NYC. Have to stop in Chicago in between. about 8 hours ago from txt

‘Bout to get on flight… Looking forward to watching Gossip Girl all the way home. about 7 hours ago from txt

Just landed in Chicago. Got 2 hrs to kill until flight to NYC. about 3 hours ago from txt

About to fly to Newark… Bored to death… Gonna watch Kill Bill on my laptop but not much battery left. Peace out. 24 minutes ago from txt

Uh oh.. Big fight in plane. Guy threw up before we have taken off and flight attendant is PISSED. 7 minutes ago from txt

Flight attendant tells guy he’s too sick to be flying and calls paramedics. Guy’s wife gets furious and insists it’s normal and that “sh … … 6 minutes ago from txt

Pilot comes to the back of plane and he’s angry too… the couple in question are Indian and flying to India.. everybody’s angry. 4 minutes ago from txt

Man is refusing to leave… Pilot is trying to drag him out… Blonde flight attendants are whining and complaining. 3 minutes ago from txt

Paramedics come in and escort Indian couple out of plane. Guess everything’s back to normal. Wow 2 minutes ago from txt

This is an example of why I love twitter… instant thoughts.. anywhere.. anytime.. from anybody.. ..

…when it works. :D


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