Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-21

  • Being born is going blind
    And bowing down a thousand times
    To echoes strung
    On pure temptation #
  • @jeffcannata (sigh.) Thansk for taking one for the rest of the us dude… don’t think it’s not appreciated. #
  • Signing up for a profile on 8tracks.com since muxtape has apparently gone and shit the bed. #
  • Wow.. I have a song stuck in my head.. and it’s mine.. I wrote it.. how cool is that? I’m annoying myself! :D #
  • @ragnarok1971 poor guy… here’s the link. http://tinyurl.com/5r8wo6 better? #
  • @trixie360 olympic nipples? The stuff I miss working in the evenings.. DAMN! :D #
  • @GarnettLee dude.. thats fucking brilliant… #
  • @superfoo I know eh! So awesome…. thats a dvd I need to buy. #
  • bacon is good. even commies love bacon #
  • @DannyTRS Wow.. that’s sad.. :( #
  • @Xav Dustin wrong about fallout 3? what? he had me convinced! :D #

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