Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-19

  • @alpy well that needle exchange was right next to my work so I’m glad they’ve moved on. :) #
  • today I continue my quest to learn every song from the Once soundtrack with “Lies.” #
  • @LifeZero consider it reviewed ;) #
  • @drtiki funky stuff.. next time I’m in Vancouver recording I’ll have to check them out.. #
  • blah blah blah. Blah blah blah… blah blah.. #
  • “where is she?” She’s gone. “She died?” No.. She’s gone.. #
  • @kneath software like “things” is why my next machine will be a mac.. that and the Logic Studio suite I have planned for my recording studio #
  • @ChrisLAS Blizzard doesn’t hate it :D #
  • @alanataylor have to be home to give you an exact number but it’s around 60 gigs worth. #
  • Eating skittles and refuse to make any ironic comments or attempts at pseudo-witty humour at their expense. MMMmmmmmmm Skittles. #
  • playing with the alpha build of boxee for linux #
  • I know i’m late to the party but cod 3 is really not good. Good thing only cost me ten #
  • @jeffcannata I know… It owns me aswell.. Damn game :) #
  • Just reached the canadian portion of the game. I think I’m a little offended hmmm #
  • wow.. walked out of the house and got hit with a severe mood swing.. could I be going through ‘the change?’ #
  • @DanAmrich condolences on the avatar GS. I too am embroiled in a gamer score war but have not yet resorted to those WMD’s #
  • <PRIMAL SCREAM!> I feel better now… I think.. hmm #
  • Hey, everyone.. I just got an email about a brad and angelina sex tape..It says to click this link to watch. I’m totally going to….. #

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