Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-18

  • whats good hungover but hungry cause you didn’t remember to bring food to work food? I’m thinking noodlebox…. #
  • listening to Handsome Family and eating noodle box.. and trying to avoid working to my level of competence. #
  • Seriously time to consider a haircut. I have the whole Dylan afro thing going on. #
  • need a new indie label name.. they one i’ve been living and working under for the last few years is loosing it’s luster.. suggestions? #
  • god I hate domain squatters! #
  • Jesus… Chuck Pahlaniuk’s “Haunted” is intense! #
  • @superfoo i vaugely remember you tweeting that.. not the guy passing out but going to the reading.. jealous then.. jealous now! :P awesome #
  • @Marri his review of “where in the world is osama bin landen” is actually quite apt. I lol’d muchly :P #
  • @superfoo this book is making me want to get back into short story writing again. Haven’t wrote a short story since I was in that contest. #
  • @alpy y’know.. it really is.. from top to bottom.. was trying to picture a nice part of it and it wasn’t happening. #
  • @cskilpatrick I love me some brinner! #
  • @DaisyWhitney yes… but they’re a wiley bunch. It takes little tiny foot traps that are actually banned in all but a few select countries. #
  • @universesimon have to agree with you…one of my friends was a barrista there about ten years ago. and spooky! they just called me at work. #

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