Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-13

  • my father emailed me to say he broke the headstock off his custom built $6000 gibson j200. I cried a little. #
  • wants to see the original test version of Hancock.. hopefully it will be on dvd. #
  • @mubix lol.. I like the last entry. No French reporters. #
  • @BryanLAS Nice! I’ve been looking for a decent web dev/design suite for linux. Tried bluefish. Any other suggestions? #
  • “that sounds like something out of one of those hateful independent movies. This is why I stick to westerns.” #
  • @Marri I guess you’re a vampire like me. Interesting article. I bookmarked it for work tonight. :) #
  • Wow. Indy IV really was as bad as I was lead to believe. Shame. #
  • Stopping off at the deli before work and not feeling so hot. 2 more days! #
  • @kneath i have a friend doing a 3rd run through. Trying to get to 60. We are locked in a heated gamerscore duel. #
  • @kneath I don’t know either… but he’s trying. #

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