Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-09

  • Beer! Beer is the cheese! #
  • @superfoo ewwww way to ruin chicken for me :p #
  • @Marri 5 hours? I bow. Not worthy #
  • this place is smelling so good. Cinnamon, chilis, garlic, apples….hurry up already! #
  • Finished product http://snipurl.com/3d9fd #
  • jesus.. whats wrong with me these last few weeks. Can I go a day without thinking about my ex? Please and thanks a mint. #
  • Any one else find it curious that towards the end of his life Woody Guthrie looked like Ed Gein? #
  • Ninja fight in Speed Racer. Epic! “More like a nonja. terrible what passes for a ninja these days.” #
  • @Marri I hope you mention how it is.. I’ve been meaning to see that for a while now. #
  • ./configure, make, make install #
  • I like wine. I’ll let you decide what I’m talking about. #
  • @CapnAnarchy thx. Good to know. Off to the video store I go #
  • @d3sperad0 see you in a few. #

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