Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-08

  • needs a new job stat.. is there anything more urgent than stat? Megastat? Superstat? Stat+? #
  • a little high on sugar right now.. Is Maynards not the best candy company ever? #
  • Have to go see my doctor tomorrow. Expecting bad news. #
  • @majornelson wow.. people are fast… and I was ready and everything :D thx #
  • Watching Battle Pope and reading Walking Dead at the same time…. crazy, I know.. and I’m working in there somewhere. #
  • @DaisyWhitney at this moment.. it is Townes Van Zandt – Big Country Blues #
  • @BryanLAS do dreams run linux Bryan? #
  • @cskilpatrick but awesome #
  • @awilkinson sounds pretty familiar. I always wonder why I can’t sleep as well. #
  • Awake and off to hear bad news. Wonderful way to start my day #
  • @ltarana this is true. I do love it here! Thx for the reminder :D #
  • What’s the point of an appointment if 15 minutes after the scheduled time i’m still in the waiting room? Grr #
  • @Xav let us know when to storm the joystiq gates. :D LOL #
  • Still waiting. God i’m bored. What did j do before twitter? Now
    everyone can share my boredom #
  • I am at
    http://tinyurl.com/6bs34z,+-123.357174 #
  • The “bad news” wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was something I was already doing. LOL #
  • @leolaporte that’s great news Leo. Congrats! #
  • Watching Colbert while improvising a sweet and spicy rub for some pork shoulder. Num num #

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