Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-07

  • http://tinyurl.com/2nw6uq to all the haters who claim hendrix hid behind his stratocasters distortion. The master #
  • @davidstripinis rofl… I actually had one of those. God it was awful. #
  • @trixie360 10pm here #
  • Oh noes! I luz fulowrz! What am I do? #
  • @CapnAnarchy I should ride the bus more often. “Where does this bus go…” “I dont know.. but i’m on it!” lol #
  • @DaisyWhitney great article. I agree with you.. the lead actor is great. Its just a shame the vehicle is so weak. #
  • updating my twitter profile description. it’s a little dusty :) #
  • @davidstripinis I’m waiting patiently.. Excited to finally see it… :D #
  • @ragnarok1971 galileo! #
  • @trixie360 classic #
  • @DaisyWhitney yes.. let him :) #
  • Ali Baba’s how I love thee #
  • @superfoo lol.. hope it was a good trip. I haven’t been camping in years. I miss it! #
  • scoping my buddies pics on facebook of his photo safari to Svalbard Norway…. EPIC doesn’t do them justice. #
  • @d3sperad0 plans still the same? Saturday? Give me a call and don’t forget to bring the stuff. #
  • @mikewilcox happy birthday! #

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