Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-08-05

  • I hate long weekends.. Most people get extra time off and get to have fun. It means I have to work harder…. pffft. #
  • Counseling a friend over IM. I seem to be the go to guy for that sort of thing. God know why.. lol #
  • @universesimon happy birthday! #
  • @OXM is having a haiku contest… I like haiku.. so I entered..http://tinyurl.com/63jh58 #
  • @wilw Yes. it was amazing. It left me stunned. #
  • @DaisyWhitney enjoyed it but found it a little all over the map. From reference humour to zany slapstick to outright nonsense. It’s a 4/10 #
  • @Marri I ask myself the same question most nights :D #
  • @Marri go to bed! LOL #
  • Trying to get at least one season of nhl08 done before 09 comes out. Playoffs round 1 vs Ottawa here I come. #
  • Watching the new Weeds then off to bed #
  • another day… another shift… didn’t I just do this? But I do have an extra fitty in da pocket. W00t. #

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