Jason's Twitter Updates for 2008-07-30

  • @superfoo atta girl… send him to get his hunter/gatherer on. lol #
  • banging my head on my desk.. peoples idiocy continues to astonish. #
  • looking to buff up my xbl friends list. Any people out there in twitter land want to share their gamertags? #
  • @ChrisLAS <rimshot> #
  • nightly ego check: Yep.. still awesome. #
  • @hak5darren that’s a serious setup… one box driving those 3 monitors and the tv? Jealous :D #
  • hahahha.. oh my.. this comic brings back hilariously terrible memories. http://tinyurl.com/62m74y it was bad! #
  • @kneath congrats! Mile High Club on Veteran was a bastard. #
  • @hak5darren lol.. Multi Monitor Monkey magic ftw #
  • I’m wondering exactly how long will I let my hair grow before it attempts to overthrow the city. #
  • @davidstripinis <screams> it’s a horrible tragedy. If you need any help we’re there for you. #
  • @Veronica looks fake to me.. beyond the obvious reasons.. it’s impressive tho. @davidstripinis @lifezero http://tinyurl.com/6ycadg opinions? #
  • Rereading some old poetry from last year. Some of it is really good. Some of it really is not. Really. #
  • Loving Generation Kill. “That was pretty fuckin’ ninja” #
  • My ipod has slipped “Moonshiner” into my shuffle rotation for more than simple randomness alows. Yes itunes.. I will drink bathtub gin. Fine #
  • anti-histamine….kicking…in,,, must stay…awake.. but so, so, so sleepy… #

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