Some dark knights of late…


I had the recent privilege of seeing “The Dark Knight” on opening night. It was the first movie I’ve been to in months and it was well well worth it.

I’m still a little stunned and find myself grasping for words to put on the visceral experience that is this movie. However; my friend James asked me to give him a review of more than just one word. So here is a collection of random thoughts that have yet to formally organize themselves.

  • The movie is visually amazing. I never considered Christopher Nolan a director who was very flashy in the visuals. They always served the story. The story here is much more epic in scope and the visuals reflect it. We get to see things we haven’t seen before. Lots of helicopter shots, big sweeping crane shots.
  • People have complained that the movie is too long. While the movie is certainly long at 2.5 hours, I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s a dense story that takes it’s time unfolding.
  • The Joker… ahhh the Joker. It’s a shame Heather Ledger died but this is sure a performance to go out on. He’s magnetic, evil, funny, devious, brilliant, bat shit insane and cunning all at the same time. he makes Jack Nicholson’s joker, of ten (ahem, twenty) years ago, look silly.

    Christian Bale
    was stalwart and strong as always. There is a slight character arc for Bruce and Batman in this film. It leaves him in a very interesting place for the almost certain third film.

    The real star, acting wise, in this film is Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. He has the most dramatic arc in the film and his performance is jaw dropping. It’s subtle and understated and could have easily veered off into the cartoony craziness of Tommy Lee Jones’ portrayal. He should be a much bigger star than he is and maybe this is finally his break.

  • so in conclusion.. those are some random thoughts.. but what are you doing reading my bullshit for… go see it. Now… You’re still here!!


One response to “Some dark knights of late…

  1. woot. I can safely see it with the high hopes I hold for it! Surprised about Aaron Eckhart, although I agree he’s a good actor and I can imagine he handled Harvey Dent as that whole movie was cantoonish and just plain silly :)

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