Dear Fido…

Hello Fido..

I have been a regular and loyal customer since 2000. I have never been shy about recommending you to anyone who has asked my opinion. Even after you were aquired by Rogers I remained happy with my experience. Until today.

I, like droves of others today, went to make a purchase of the new 3G iPhone. It had finally come to Canada and people were excited. Even through all the chaos and noise on the internet I was still excited and looking forward to dropping my money on the counter. When I attempted this, after waiting in line for a while, I was told that I couldn’t because I was already currently under contract. This confused me because the last time I needed to replace my phone they simply gave me the phone and rolled over my contract to a new 3 years. Fine with me. I have never been in a situation where I’ve tried so hard to give a business my money only to be refused.

I apologize Fido. I apologize for being such a loyal customer. For renewing my contract due to my extreme satisfaction with my service. Now when my contract is up I’ll think twice about renewing. Maybe I’ll go to Telus. I hear they’re building a GSM network.



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