the war continues…

what war is that you ask?

The war between humans and mutants? No
The war between Pepsi and Coke? No

It is the war between windows and linux; and linux is gaining new ground everyday. For a few years now there has been a distribution of linux running around the net by the name: Knoppix.

Why Knoppix is unique from the many many other flavours of linux out there is that it was the first to come as a “live cd.” There is no install needed for it. Just download the iso, burn it to a disc, boot the disc and viola.

I have tried a few of these. Including the ever increasingly popular Ubuntu (PC Magazines #3 product of 2005) and Knoppix 4.0 was the first to have absolutely no problems whatsover. I tried it on my desktop and it detected and mounted all my NTFS and FAT32 partitions. Minutes after booting I was listening to my already pre-ripped music collection. Then I tried it in my laptop. This is where the problem creeps up. Before Knoppix, I never had support for the wifi card in my laptop. Makes it somewhat hard to get on the net when your network card refuses to work. Well, now it does. As I prove by writing and posting this from the KDE desktop that comes bundled with Knoppix.

If you’ve ever been curious about linux but didn’t want to take the time or effort.. or didn’t have the knowledge necessary to install it. Give this a try. You can find their website here: Knoppix, it’s German

It can also be found on your various peer to peer and bittorrent locations. Check your local listings. Remember kids; Tux sees all!



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