Movie Marketing..

Can someone please tell me why it seems that in the apparent mecca of capitalism, that is the USA, they can’t seem to market a movie worth shit? Case in point, “I Robot.” This is the new Alex Proyas film loosely based on the Asimov book by the same name. Now most of the trailers that I have seen so far have been less than spectacular. In fact, they’ve made me think that staying home and waxing my scrotum would be more entertaining. Then I found this.

This is a link to the japanese trailer for the same movie. Well, I have to assume it’s the same movie, what with the name and all. It may not be because I actually want to see this movie. Why can’t they just let a movie speak for itself and find it’s own audience instead of trying to “spin” it to an audience that may be less than receptive? I almost didn’t go see Fight Club (check out what stood as “hi res” in internet video in 1999!) for this exact reason, and when I did there were, including me and my friend, 4 people in the theater. Now it’s one of my favourite flics. Lucky Japanese Bastards.

Now excuse me while I go figure out what kind of dining set defines me as a person.


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