Resigned Sigh

I just got off the phone with the “EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE” office of Canada as to when I could expect some more cash.. as I dont have any.. Not a little bit. None. In fact, I owe the bank money now. :)

The helpful operator on the other end of the phone informed me that for some reason a “stop payment” has been applied to my account. Figures, you do the right thing and report money that you received (in this case a second severance payment) and you get F’d in the A! The fella on the other end of the phone said that an investigation to lift the stop payment was underway but that it could take up to four weeks..

I nod and say.. “huh, ok..” into the phone.. but inside I’m going “4 FUCKING WEEKS, ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!!!??!”

On top of all this they want back the one payment they have given me. GRRR

It’s a classic Catch 22. They want and need me to look for work but I need money to buy a bus pass to get anywhere. *shakes head in confusion and disbelief* Well he placed a call to my case worker who should be calling me back sometime in the next few days. Guess I have to sit by the phone. Which means I have to get out of bed early specificially to do nothing… never thought that would happen.

So, just a heads up: Jan and Peter, Visa, Shaw, Telus and other assorted places that expect money from me. Talk to HRDC.

PS: Just how long can a human body last without food anyway?? hmmm.. I think I’m going to find out. Oh well, I need to loose weight anyway. :) It’s like my own personal season of Survivor!!


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